Valentina Shevchenko not fazed by any mind game attempts, will be putting on great performance


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  • J2U6
    J2U6  2 weeks back

    Bullet in the eye.

    • Amit kumar
      Amit kumar  2 weeks back

      OK 😂 😍 ❤

      • Sub Liminal
        Sub Liminal  3 weeks back

        *but Eminem is the Greatest of all times though* 🌞 all times..


        • S D
          S D  3 weeks back

          I want a girl like her

          • Pierce BrosMAN
            Pierce BrosMAN  3 weeks back

            May be the worst fight on the card.

            • RAZORREVOLUTION1
              RAZORREVOLUTION1  3 weeks back

              Valentina is gonna smash Jessica. Her name sounds like it would belong to an assassin: Valentina Schevchenko! Good luck, Valentina!

              • SkateIandI33
                SkateIandI33  3 weeks back

                Valentina = future P4P goat

                • MR GUPPY 101
                  MR GUPPY 101  3 weeks back

                  BATH EVER SHE ZINGGS ,,,SHE ZINGGS
                  I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD...!

                  • Tomaz Apat
                    Tomaz Apat  3 weeks back

                    "whatever she sinks, she sinks!" 🙂 Valentina 2019

                    • Watch My 666
                      Watch My 666  3 weeks back

                      Even considering Jędrzejczyk, Jessica should probably be Shevchenko's toughest matchup since Nunes.

                      • Watch My 666
                        Watch My 666  3 weeks back

                        @Flame Host interesting 🤔
                        I don't know. Would be a totally different fight, in my eyes from what I remember, Valentina was using her wrestling and cage clinching in a stalling and drowning way to stop Jędrzejczyk.
                        Joanna, actually did really well with shot selection, by round 4, 5 though there wasn't enough pop.
                        In terms of Kickboxing though, Valentina would have needed to have a different style if Joanna brought it like that.

                      • Flame Host
                        Flame Host  3 weeks back

                        @Watch My 666 Jędrzejczyk was able to actually equal or out-land Valentina in round 1, 4 and 5 so you are saying if that was kickboxing joanna would have won ?

                      • Watch My 666
                        Watch My 666  3 weeks back

                        @Zaili Vonarus read my comment again.. You didn't understand.
                        Joanna Jędrzejczyk was a problem, in terms of volume striking and forward pressure for Valentina, a tough fight which Shevchenko handled very-very well, it was her toughest fight since the Nunes fights, for me the Holly Holm fight was made easier to handle because of Holm's counter-striking style being at a lower level than Shevchenko's, she forced Holly to throw more strikes, whilst still landing more than Holly. Where as with Joanna's pressure, Jędrzejczyk was able to actually equal or out-land Valentina in round 1, 4 and 5, altho Valentina landed more significant strikes with less output, and alot of cage clinching, wearing on Joanna.
                        The point was that Jessica, a former Bantamweight, with her wrestling and cage clinch pressure, could prove to be Valentina's toughest fight, since the Nunes fights.
                        I was making sure to consider Jędrzejczyk. I didn't say it was a nightmare for Valentina so-to-say.

                      • Zaili Vonarus
                        Zaili Vonarus  3 weeks back

                        She didn't have any issue with Joanna.I don't think Joanna was tought matchup

                    • Fat Bastard
                      Fat Bastard  3 weeks back

                      I want to marry her.

                      • S D
                        S D  3 weeks back

                        Get in line bitch

                      • MR GUPPY 101
                        MR GUPPY 101  3 weeks back

                        Fat Bastard
                        ...THATS A DANGEROUS DREAM MY FRIEND 🥰🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

                    • Tha Phenom
                      Tha Phenom  3 weeks back

                      Ze zink zheir zmart

                      • Joel Rodgers
                        Joel Rodgers  3 weeks back

                        Fuck i love this woman

                        • J.m.p
                          J.m.p  3 weeks back

                          Stay mentally strong and focused

                          • Prince of Pickles
                            Prince of Pickles  3 weeks back

                            This woman is so sexy and dangerous🤪

                            • boogie days
                              boogie days  3 weeks back

                              @Bill Umi white fans aren't the consensus

                            • Bill Umi
                              Bill Umi  3 weeks back

                              @boogie days Thats because Amanda and Andrade happen to be ugly.
                              Its the general consensus that Gina Carano and Miesha Tate are the prettiest female fighters and neither of them are blonde.

                            • Bill Umi
                              Bill Umi  3 weeks back

                              @PS Homeboy Amanda didnt really go up in weight. She just started off at a lower weight class. Valentina did the opposite

                            • PS Homeboy
                              PS Homeboy  3 weeks back

                              @boogie days lmao @ Old Face Karolina

                            • PS Homeboy
                              PS Homeboy  3 weeks back

                              @boogie days didn't wanna say it cause you know they'll instantly play dumb

                          • Walter White
                            Walter White  3 weeks back

                            bullet gonna kill that bum

                            • sammyflinders
                              sammyflinders  3 weeks back

                              This bullet is gonna go right thru the Eye.