UFC on ESPN+ 10: Charles Oliveira full post-fight interview


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  • ?.??.?
    ?.??.?  4 weeks back

    Diamond push ups with the 👏 💪

    • Dawn
      Dawn  4 weeks back

      Charles needs to fight tony soon enough. Would be a good match up. They both got the slickest bjj, both threatening standup, both look like each other, Charles even dyes his hair like tony used to coincidence or tony inspires him? Would like to see this matchup

      • Vinicius Almeida
        Vinicius Almeida  4 weeks back

        Nice, the translator isn't Brazilian. He's either from Portugal or some African country that speaks Portuguese.

        • Life is Peachy
          Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

          Give him a guy with heavy hands so I can watch his ass get ko'd and quit again.

          • Roberto Vinhote
            Roberto Vinhote  4 weeks back

            #ufc need better Portuguese English translators.

            • Roberto Vinhote
              Roberto Vinhote  4 weeks back

              Tradutor não foi muito fiel ao que o Charles falou na entrevista.

            • Charles 'Felony' Bennet

              Oliviera never gets a top 10, it's like they wanna keep him in the 11-15 circle.

              • 31leoceara
                31leoceara  3 weeks back

                Exactly. He had already fought Nik Lentz twice before! Waste of time and potential of the fighter.

            • bruh hll
              bruh hll  4 weeks back

              He looks like low budget Tony Ferguson

              • Don’t Believe Me Boy
                Don’t Believe Me Boy  3 weeks back

                He’s low budget nobody. Most submissions in UFC history. He’s Charles Do Bronx Oliveira.

            • Eduardo Flores
              Eduardo Flores  4 weeks back

              Felder vs Gaethje
              Oliveira vs Iaquinta (I doubt Al takes the fight)

              • Life is Peachy
                Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

                Al would crumble that Brazilian with ease.

              • Krazy Horse
                Krazy Horse  4 weeks back

                Yeah those are the fights that should happen but Al is a diva

            • That's adub
              That's adub  4 weeks back

              Him vs Iaquinta next

              • P R
                P R  4 weeks back

                Looks like the white Kevin Lee

                • Bushido Code
                  Bushido Code  4 weeks back

                  @P R Oliveira is tri-racial. He has different features. White = European phenotype as far as face.

                • P R
                  P R  4 weeks back

                  @Krazy Horse that's not my problem

                • Krazy Horse
                  Krazy Horse  4 weeks back

                  He ain’t white lmao

              • Gage Barr
                Gage Barr  4 weeks back

                Looks like a Brazilian tony Ferguson and has some wild elbows too

                • Don’t Believe Me Boy
                  Don’t Believe Me Boy  3 weeks back

                  Bushido Code we’ll see about that.

                • Bushido Code
                  Bushido Code  4 weeks back

                  The top 5 will all smash him. This dude can't handle pressure fighters.

              • abe Abraham
                abe Abraham  4 weeks back

                Give him Al Laquinta next

              • Stewie Griffin
                Stewie Griffin  4 weeks back


                • Davi Ribeiro
                  Davi Ribeiro  4 weeks back

                  cant stand how you guys cant hire a good translator man, hit me up, you guys need translators who can express the true feelings of the fighters , what they really want to say, [email protected] hit me up asap

                  • Sameer Pandey
                    Sameer Pandey  4 weeks back

                    he's doing great at lightweight at least give him a top 10 he deserves it....

                    • TRUEGREATEST
                      TRUEGREATEST  4 weeks back

                      Oliveira Vs. Ramos

                      • wes dryden
                        wes dryden  4 weeks back

                        Also vs Charles in Brazil??

                        • ?.??.?
                          ?.??.?  4 weeks back

                          Rest in peace MMA sensei 🙏 street no football gear fair Justine jones 💪 with your papa 💃 hag💀💥Gregory i cant seee ugagh ughahh call the ambulance and navy seals or west side riva Kevin reyes Brian reyez. SR-62

                          • Bob Howard
                            Bob Howard  4 weeks back

                            This guy way underrated

                            • Daniel Miranda
                              Daniel Miranda  4 weeks back

                              AS A BRASILIAN MMA FAN i HAVE SAID AND WILL SAY IT AGAIN........

                              WE NEED BETTER TRANSLATORS!

                              UFC HIRE ME!

                              • alvaro dias
                                alvaro dias  4 weeks back

                                Yes! This translator is horrible. Translates 10% of what Charles said.

                              • Canutube
                                Canutube  4 weeks back

                                True! The translator didn’t try hard enough to explain what he was really saying. He actually was being much more thoughtful on his answers than the translator made sound like.

                            • Mouad Naf
                              Mouad Naf  4 weeks back

                              Give this man a top 5 ?? Wtf he has a lot of finishes.

                              • SHADOW The first
                                SHADOW The first  3 weeks back

                                @Ryan Q ya i want to smoke what ur smoking my guy.

                              • Mouad Naf
                                Mouad Naf  3 weeks back

                                @SHADOW The first Paul felder can easily make it to top 5 . Dude is a savage. But what Im saying is this guy is an animal he fights very often and deserves to be on the big show.

                              • Ryan Q
                                Ryan Q  3 weeks back

                                @SHADOW The first olivera sleeps mac any day

                              • Hue Wong
                                Hue Wong  4 weeks back

                                @SHADOW The first Oh yeah I agree not a top 5. I actually think a rematch with Felder or a fight with Alex Hernandez. Just someone who's going to get him into the lightweight rankings.

                              • Bushido Code
                                Bushido Code  4 weeks back

                                @SHADOW The first Give him Al so he can get ground and pounded like Felder did to him lmao. Overrated BJJ bum.

                            • Vlad the Impaler
                              Vlad the Impaler  4 weeks back

                              Francis ngannou before steroids