Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress


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  • Trump's Brick Layer
    Trump's Brick Layer  6 minutes back

    When you live in the cancer of NY what do you expect

    • Alex Barnes
      Alex Barnes  10 minutes back

      This is a pretty atrocious title, CNN.

      • Eric the Red
        Eric the Red  14 minutes back

        I've found myself returning to this video every day since it's posting. I remember Jon speaking about this issue a few years ago, and of course I believed it was the right thing to do. But I then I moved on thinking this would be resolved, as I bet most of us did. Like Jon, we probably thought this should be a unanimous decision. As this was assistance for 9/11 first responders, you would believe no one would be against it, not that no one would show up to hear their pleas. By now it should be no surprise that Congress is willing to use people's suffering as leverage to get something else passed, and they are willing to take as long as necessary to get what they want. Even if it means waiting until their party has an advantage in the House or Senate. And why would they care? They're making their money one way another. Its one of the few jobs out there where you can still be paid regardless of whether you work or not. Outside of a government shutdown (which should never fucking happen), you are watching another example of our government failing it's citizens.

        • just chillax my guy
          just chillax my guy  32 minutes back

          Mike fucking drop

          • Art Martinez
            Art Martinez  39 minutes back

            If it’s not for a political gain then why even help? That’s the mentality of feel America today is based on empty promises for the people that are first in line willing to sacrifice theirs life’s for the very same country’s congress that turns their back in them.

            • rsrdan
              rsrdan  43 minutes back

              Is it just me or does that look like Louie Anderson behind Jon!

              Baskets !!

              • Laguna Zancruz
                Laguna Zancruz  52 minutes back

                Louie anderson

                • Eric the Red
                  Eric the Red  55 minutes back

                  "There is not a person here, there is not an empty chair on that stage, that didn't tweet out "Never forget the Heroes of 9/11. Never forget their bravery. Never forget what they did, what they gave to this country."

                  "Well here they are." as he points back at the first responders.

                  "And where are they?" as he points back to Congress.

                  • matthew rosales
                    matthew rosales  1 hours back

                    “Rather to live or have a place to live” damn

                    • rolback
                      rolback  1 hours back

                      No American in this country should loose his/ her life or job to an illegal in our country. Is Jon going to make that speech next?

                      • rolback
                        rolback  1 hours back

                        And what makes Jon Stewart so special that he gets to address Congress? I would rather have some real citizens that are not 1%, white privileged like Jon Stewart, that work real jobs.

                        • Max Power
                          Max Power  1 hours back

                          A true American patriot

                          • Sw!neH!gh
                            Sw!neH!gh  1 hours back

                            Support single-payer healthcare now! Good quality healthcare is a human right and it should be a constitutional right as well.

                            • LobsterPuncher
                              LobsterPuncher  2 hours back

                              I love Jon Stewart for this. He is fighting for this because he believes in it and you can feel his sincerity when he speaks.

                              • Beachhead13
                                Beachhead13  2 hours back

                                Strong message. Damn.
                                side note, I hate that the audience is staring at the camera or whatever is behind it.

                                • rose patton
                                  rose patton  2 hours back


                                  • 8Zeit8Geist8
                                    8Zeit8Geist8  2 hours back

                                    MERICA = a Joke :p and most Evil Country on earth who killed more people than any other in Human History :p R.I:P: New Babylon Sheepl´s ;) ... but on this issue he is right... but who cares it´s not System Relevant if they get something or not so they just dont care :p sry

                                    • 4Legacy
                                      4Legacy  2 hours back

                                      This man is an American treasure. God Bless you Jon Stewart

                                      • John Ibarra
                                        John Ibarra  2 hours back

                                        The man..truly one of the most amazing persons we have ever been blessed with. This man is an icon, a legend, a hero for those who need it. Get these men n women their damn healthcare. They deserve way more than that.

                                        • tecamey
                                          tecamey  2 hours back

                                          Those congressmen/women who didn’t show up shouldn’t be voted back. Can we impeach them?

                                          • Theodore Marakas
                                            Theodore Marakas  3 hours back

                                            I don't like or care for this idiot Jon Stuart or any of those clowns for liberal Hollywood BUT the man is correct and I support him on the subject

                                            • Rabnawaz Omer
                                              Rabnawaz Omer  3 hours back

                                              they have a seat on the stage, and that's all they care about!

                                              • Repvoid
                                                Repvoid  3 hours back

                                                Of course, a peanut gallery of old coots that can't pass anything worth a damn. Go Jon.

                                                • Zeazea Imm
                                                  Zeazea Imm  3 hours back

                                                  All this ethical appeal

                                                  • Cassie Stephenson
                                                    Cassie Stephenson  3 hours back

                                                    Medicare for all. Taxes fund officers, and fire fighters, but not doctors. Even though crime, fire, and deseas, spread.

                                                    • Latabrine
                                                      Latabrine  3 hours back

                                                      As your neighbor in 🇨🇦 This reminds me of who the people of the U.S.A. are. 9/11 is, will always be inked into my memory. We never forgot the bravery of the firefighters, E.M.S., police and anyone who bravely went into the buildings and went into the pile.
                                                      9/11 fund extended to 2090. This was more than overdue. Congress may have forgotten you, but we sure didn't!!❤
                                                      To those who weren't in their seats for this.... Disrespectful.

                                                      • TheG-Man
                                                        TheG-Man  3 hours back

                                                        The government has failed us in many different ways.

                                                        • MorganLaModa
                                                          MorganLaModa  3 hours back

                                                          I wonder if they’ll ever fight this hard for reparations

                                                          • Drusilla williams
                                                            Drusilla williams  3 hours back

                                                            I'm not American but I am a neighboring Canadian. My impressions of New York and their First Responders was that New York loved their First Responders they the caring about them kind of like other people would Sports athletes and so when over the almost 20 years I've been hearing growing up how these responders that were so respected and help great pride in often now fight everyday for their life instead of focusing on fighting for the lives of the rest of New York who claimed to love them. This is not how love or respect shown and truly honestly my I have no desire to ever go to New York no matter how many celebrities or Sports athletes or actors promoted I just watched the news and I see the truth Within they may call it the Big Apple but it seems to look like a rotten apple. I sure hope that New York can change that

                                                            • joeh tom
                                                              joeh tom  3 hours back

                                                              Congress is full of rats.

                                                              • Drusilla williams
                                                                Drusilla williams  4 hours back

                                                                I wonder how many possible future First Responders turn two different career paths after hearing about all of what these responders have gone through

                                                                • SuperNewf1
                                                                  SuperNewf1  4 hours back

                                                                  Workers Compensation Insurance Companies are a criminal gang operating outside the law. given immunity by the government through the "Exclusive Remedy" in the U.S. and the "Historic Compromise" in Canada.

                                                                  • Rick Papineau
                                                                    Rick Papineau  4 hours back

                                                                    Once again, it's the late night comedian who is the voice of political reason while the politicians play games with the lives of citizens they are paid to protect and serve.

                                                                    • Tacit Blue
                                                                      Tacit Blue  4 hours back

                                                                      I'm a Baptist conservative in Alabama and I have disagreed with Jon Stewart on many things but now he is a legend in my eyes. I wish people on the right and left would see that Congress is to blame for so many things wrong in this country and the world. They all need to be voted out.

                                                                      • Felony Strutter
                                                                        Felony Strutter  4 hours back

                                                                        "Death to Tribeca" good line

                                                                        • Helen Parker
                                                                          Helen Parker  4 hours back

                                                                          SHAME American congress. The rest of the modern world looks on in amazement at your pathetic health care system and care of your 9/11 1st responders.

                                                                          • Felony Strutter
                                                                            Felony Strutter  4 hours back

                                                                            PIECE OF SHIT HANNITY AND OTHERS ON FOX SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT MR. STEWART...DID THEY COVER THIS DISGRACE???? BETCHA THEY DID NOT

                                                                            • The Centrist
                                                                              The Centrist  4 hours back

                                                                              Years ago, we used to listen to politicians for their insights and laugh at comedians for their jokes. Now we listen to comedians for their insights and laugh at politicians for their jokes.

                                                                              • Felony Strutter
                                                                                Felony Strutter  4 hours back


                                                                                • Felony Strutter
                                                                                  Felony Strutter  4 hours back

                                                                                  WHERE IS OLE ONE EYE???? OING AFTERA MUSLIM CONGRESSWOMAN FOR NOT APOLOGZING HARD ENOUGH??

                                                                                  • Mr.Awesomestar7
                                                                                    Mr.Awesomestar7  4 hours back

                                                                                    Tbh we need to purge everyone in the government and start fresh with younger and more emphatic people. Why waste money on your dumb wall when other things are more important. It makes me sick at how fucked up the states are. Doesn't seem like a first world country.

                                                                                    • BC bear
                                                                                      BC bear  4 hours back

                                                                                      And after all this you have congress and AOC asking for a pay increase. 9/11 bill should be first priority.

                                                                                      • Rafael Oda
                                                                                        Rafael Oda  4 hours back

                                                                                        Stewart 2020

                                                                                        • Chrissie Brosko-Carroll

                                                                                          This completely moved me! My family is heavily involved in all fields (Fire, EMS & Police) & my husband is currently battling an aggressive cancer. Jon hasn’t always been my cup of tea per say in the past & learning of his past work.. has made me admire his dedication & passion to first responders!! Political affiliation or your opinion on the PD should not play into dislike this matter. I’m so disappointed that so many people disliked supporting Fire fighters, EMS of 9-11 & getting them the necessary medical treatment that is owed to them for saving us ALL!!

                                                                                          • A.D. R.M.
                                                                                            A.D. R.M.  5 hours back

                                                                                            It's a shame our government has become nothing more than an animal operating on it's basest instincts to control the population. It's even sadder because we voted for this. Conform, obey, suffer is the government's way.

                                                                                            • Elder Curry
                                                                                              Elder Curry  5 hours back

                                                                                              How unpatriotic do you have to be to put a dislike on this video? what is this man saying that you disagree with? He fights for the people who many of which sacrificed their lives and wellbeing to respond to a crisis of America, now America will not respond to there crises. it is pretty simple!!!
                                                                                              PS. also keep in mind that Congress is pushing for a personal pay increase during all of this.
                                                                                              sorry if this sounds angry but I'm just very surprised by 2.8k dislikes, there should be 0.

                                                                                              • Bledi MUCA
                                                                                                Bledi MUCA  5 hours back

                                                                                                USA political leadership of the present..
                                                                                                You selfish self-absorbed money grabbing disgusting human beings..
                                                                                                Shame on you...

                                                                                                • Ekkie101
                                                                                                  Ekkie101  5 hours back

                                                                                                  Republicans: There is no money to help the 9/11 first responders,but there is plenty of money to give massive tax breaks to the rich. Leave it to the Republicans. Always ready to lend a helping hand to those who need it least.

                                                                                                  Jon Stewart tells congress "Do your job!". Well, for Republicans and too many Democrats their job is to protect their rich donors from ever having to look at or even think about members of the lower classes. And certainly not to see any money going to those lower classes that could be going to them.