'ONE Championship 96: Enter the Dragon' video highlights


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  • LitoGeorge
    LitoGeorge  1 months back

    Hmm. One looks good I must admit. Dont know the names, but the fights look skillful to say the least.

    • E Nuff C Nuph
      E Nuff C Nuph  1 months back

      These fighter's look like beast's compared to ufc, they seem way faster for some reason.

      • heavvy eyes
        heavvy eyes  1 months back

        honestly one championships pretty dope

        • Jouma Mahmood
          Jouma Mahmood  1 months back

          It’s good but they don’t know how to build no hype WHERES the confrences and the interviews I just wake up and find out someone thought last night

      • PC keyboard fighting techniques

        Who was FED to the LIONS in the Bible? SAGE NORTHCUTT!

        • PhilthyCo RC
          PhilthyCo RC  1 months back

          Sage whole face is broken..He had emergency surgery

          • alvarx MMA
            alvarx MMA  1 months back


            • crymeadinner
              crymeadinner  1 months back

              Damn, do we need to send USADA to test this commentators as well?

              • mickey jericho
                mickey jericho  1 months back

                Sage against machines.

                • PC keyboard fighting techniques

                  I hope Sage Northcutt learned his lesson, American Kenpo Karate doesn't work in the real world, only in movies. He's better off going back to NASKA point fighter tournaments.

                  • LitMusic Fr
                    LitMusic Fr  1 months back

                    Are the commentators on coke ? lol

                    • Dustin Smith
                      Dustin Smith  1 months back

                      LitMusic Fr adderall. Way better.

                    • Archxn Archxn
                      Archxn Archxn  1 months back

                      LitMusic Fr I feel like their yelling in my dam ear