Daily Debate: Is the hype for Paulie Malignaggi vs Artem Lobov BKFC match going too far?


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  • Charlie ZzZ
    Charlie ZzZ  3 weeks back

    After this Artem vs Charlie Z is the BKFC fight to make

    • Borna Arabi
      Borna Arabi  3 weeks back

      Artem is goin to get busted up fast if he fights the way he did against knight with Paulie. Those scars haven't healed yet they'll just burst open every time he gets hit. Paulie doesn't even need to knock him out he's a more accurate puncher.

      • luca dree
        luca dree  3 weeks back

        But who gives a fuck? The fight is going to happen end of story

        • elgringo8585
          elgringo8585  3 weeks back

          Paulie is a disgusting piece of shit his own mother hates him hope this guy gets beat to death on camera

          • Daniel Rodriguez
            Daniel Rodriguez  3 weeks back

            Artem gonna kill the boy 😠

            • Victor Lara
              Victor Lara  3 weeks back

              I remember this show when Frank Trigg used to be on it lol

              • Matthew M
                Matthew M  3 weeks back

                I vote: "No. You hack fucks." 🚮

                • Tony Ferguson
                  Tony Ferguson  3 weeks back

                  Please talk about the best fights of this year so far

                  • Tony Ferguson
                    Tony Ferguson  3 weeks back


                    • arizona tea
                      arizona tea  3 weeks back

                      "Its just the fight game" is the stupidest option ever.

                      • PC keyboard fighting techniques

                        Paulie, will sustaining horrific injury to his hands and face. I don't see him winning.

                        • Hubby Cub
                          Hubby Cub  3 weeks back

                          Paulie has gone too far, spitting in someone's face is a girl move

                          • HCM 619
                            HCM 619  3 weeks back

                            Paulie getting dropped like Connor did him in his training camp.

                            • Kitty Razor
                              Kitty Razor  3 weeks back

                              @HCM 619 artem has more losses than wins

                            • arizona tea
                              arizona tea  3 weeks back

                              @HCM 619 have you seen artem fight?!

                            • #Prince
                              #Prince  3 weeks back

                              @HCM 619 it's edited video, it was a push

                            • HCM 619
                              HCM 619  3 weeks back

                              @#Prince he dropped him once

                            • #Prince
                              #Prince  3 weeks back

                              But Conor didn't drop him

                          • PC keyboard fighting techniques

                            G.O.A.T. Artem’s just gonna duck his head down and come in swinging.

                          • jeff mci
                            jeff mci  3 weeks back

                            Don't watch it then you pussy ass fat slobs