UFC on ESPN+ 10: Ian Heinisch full post-fight interview


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  • Mr. Locke
    Mr. Locke  4 weeks back

    I knew this guy in middle school and high school. He was a fucking asshole, and severely bullied me. That being said, if he truly has gone through what he says he’s gone through and has changed, I wish him luck and I’m happy for his success

    • Griffin Mongiello
      Griffin Mongiello  4 weeks back

      This guy is all class while being a straight-up bad mother fucker. Always awesome to see.

      • Donegal Overlanding
        Donegal Overlanding  4 weeks back

        Amazing performance by the Hurricane and a really great guy. Wish him all the success he has worked so hard for. Nothing pleases me more than seeing someone pause and take stock of the direction their life is going, learn from their mistakes and not let their past hold them prisoner once given their freedom. We all love a glory story right!

        • Belief Builder
          Belief Builder  4 weeks back

          yeah, i'm sure God planned out how that fight was gonna go down. big priority for Him.

          • shuki jipota
            shuki jipota  3 weeks back

            @puntsize yea tricky topic this God thing

          • puntsize
            puntsize  4 weeks back

            Belief Builder god planned for my dad to fall down the stairs, break his neck and become a cripple, right before my eyes.

            I know it was his plan to test me and to make me stronger and my relationship with him stronger.

            You just don’t understand because god hasn’t given any of your loved ones cancer yet.... but don’t worry, he will, and that will be your time to shine .

        • Sarah Daniels
          Sarah Daniels  4 weeks back

          Great fighter. Seems to be genuine.

          • NoPeacePipe
            NoPeacePipe  4 weeks back

            Kid always comes through. You can already tell he got that underdog mentality. Big heart. Won't quit.

            • John Tyrrell
              John Tyrrell  4 weeks back

              what was he locked up for?

            • alonso
              alonso  4 weeks back

              This dude broke to elite BJJ artists.

              • selleycopter PC
                selleycopter PC  4 weeks back

                Such a big fan of this dude. Great backstory and performed amazingly in his first two UFC fights against two top 15 BJJ black belts.

                • casxadw
                  casxadw  4 weeks back

                  didnt anybody else notice he grabbed the cage in the 2nd round stopping a takedown from happening, then elbowed his opponent because of that, and then handed up on top and the whole tide of the fight changed? i think that grab cage played a big factor in that fight..

                  • Bushido Code
                    Bushido Code  4 weeks back

                    @Life is Peachy Almost everyone is on steroids lol.

                  • Life is Peachy
                    Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

                    @Oliver Munro well you cunts need to quit talking shit. The brazilian quit like a bitch, brazilians are only good when on the sauce.

                  • Oliver Munro
                    Oliver Munro  4 weeks back

                    @Life is Peachy wow angry guys

                  • Life is Peachy
                    Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

                    no buddy. The Brazilian got his ass beaten by a smaller man. Get over it and cry bitch. ACJ quit like a bitch, got it?

                • Charles 'Felony' Bennet

                  Damn I was rooting for ACJ, but gotta give it to the Heinzmeister, he did well

                  • Life is Peachy
                    Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

                    why would you root for that brazilian cunt?

                • TheBull916
                  TheBull916  4 weeks back

                  This guy is a savage. Can be a Champion

                  • Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
                    Immigrant Mentality Stiopic  3 weeks back

                    he could for sure be a future champ

                  • TheBull916
                    TheBull916  4 weeks back

                    @Full camp Oezdemir hopefully brunson; thats his best chance at beating a big name. Weidman is still a dangerous opponent; underrated imo

                  • Full camp Oezdemir
                    Full camp Oezdemir  4 weeks back

                    Seems to be a good guy. He's a pretty badass fighter, but Champ… I don't know man. MW holds some beasts. Gastelum, Whittaker, Romero, Costa, Hermansson, Adesanya, Canonnier recently reported himself...

                    I'dsay, let him fight Jacare or Weidman next. Or Brunson, since he's asking for it.

                  • Russ Singh
                    Russ Singh  4 weeks back

                    TheBull916 Seriously. And his life story is absolutely insane. He barely mentions it too, which shows how humble the lad is.

                • Anton Wereta
                  Anton Wereta  4 weeks back

                  I like this dude, good humble personality and seems talented.

                  • En P
                    En P  4 weeks back

                    Junior dos santos junior

                    • Eduardo Flores
                      Eduardo Flores  4 weeks back

                      Him vs Brunson makes sense next

                      • Raymond Moya
                        Raymond Moya  4 weeks back

                        Congratulations well done ! 🇺🇸

                        • puntsize
                          puntsize  4 weeks back

                          That’s 2 fights in a row that Ian has won bc of his superior cardio. The guy is just so mentally tough.

                          • Harry D
                            Harry D  4 weeks back

                            His grappling iq was top notch

                          • kmhuis
                            kmhuis  4 weeks back

                            so true

                          • Krazy Horse
                            Krazy Horse  4 weeks back

                            2 black belts too

                        • Vesuve King
                          Vesuve King  4 weeks back