UFC on ESPN+ 10: Davi Ramos full post-fight interview


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  • Zen Ali
    Zen Ali  4 weeks back

    Khabib will make this jiu jitsu easy fight.

    • Unadapted
      Unadapted  4 weeks back

      I want to see him vs Burns

      • Life is Peachy
        Life is Peachy  4 weeks back

        USADA letting another cheater compete.

        • FlickingStuff
          FlickingStuff  4 weeks back

          That 1 dislike is Khabib

          • FlickingStuff
            FlickingStuff  4 weeks back

            I predict he will fight Khabib in 2020. Khabib will win by decision.

            • Successful Internet Psychologist

              Before he was champ no one would even mention Khabib's name. Now they all claim they are Khabib's kryptonite.

              • TheDuelist
                TheDuelist  4 weeks back

                Ramos is pretty much new in UFC, so it's different this time.

            • John Galt
              John Galt  4 weeks back

              This goof could NOT even submit a short notice fighter who is barely top 200. And now he's asking for Khabib. GTFO of here with that BS!

              • Krazy Horse
                Krazy Horse  4 weeks back

                He didn’t ask for khabib .. he said he looked terrible tonight and has to improve if he wants to fight khabib

              • Johnny Chhom
                Johnny Chhom  4 weeks back

                John Galt agreed

            • puntsize
              puntsize  4 weeks back

              USADA, please inspect this mans deltoids for bowling ball implants