Valentina Shevchenko on Guns and her Glock Tattoo (UFC 238)


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  • michel
    michel  1 months back

    Now this is a woman who knows what

    • Billy Doyle
      Billy Doyle  2 months back


      • Toolness1
        Toolness1  2 months back

        Thank you for being an advocate for gun rights in a time when they are constantly under attack!

        • sammyflinders
          sammyflinders  2 months back

          So sexy.

          • Floyd Wilson
            Floyd Wilson  2 months back

            Now this is a woman who knows what she's talking about when it comes to gun safety

            • Full Camp Mendes
              Full Camp Mendes  2 months back

              She can sit on my face anyday of the month

              • Giuliano Rossi
                Giuliano Rossi  2 months back

                Mark Hunt is that you? 0:34

                • Prince of Pickles
                  Prince of Pickles  2 months back

                  I love this woman!!!!🤪

                  • Bradford Lad
                    Bradford Lad  2 months back

                    Can’t see anyone beating Valentina at 125

                    • The Ace
                      The Ace  2 months back

                      The 2nd amendment is the only reason the other amendments still exist!

                      • The Ace
                        The Ace  2 months back

                        @Jerry Wallace You're like someone asking someone else why they have a lock on their door. "How many times in the past week has someone tried to break into your home? ONLY the last week counts, anything else is paranoia".

                        You're pathetically ignorant. History repeats itself because of people like you. Humanity never seems to learn from its mistakes.

                      • Kevin Arevalo
                        Kevin Arevalo  2 months back

                        Jerry Wallace its prevents the government from having fu authoritative power and becoming corrupt to do whatever they want. If the civilians are armed they have the tools to revolt against a corrupt government. Take away the weapons from civilians and you can control them however you so please.

                      • The Ace
                        The Ace  2 months back

                        @Jerry Wallace the better question is, when in history has the government become way too strong and ended up causing mass murders of mostly unarmed citizens? You should probably crack open a history book.

                      • The Ace
                        The Ace  2 months back

                        @Jerry Wallace explain your question better

                    • Beastly Gamer
                      Beastly Gamer  2 months back

                      She could sit on my face and make it a champion!!

                    • Tanea Bizdiga
                      Tanea Bizdiga  2 months back

                      Я первый вперед только Алга Кыргызстан